getting started

To begin with basic router config, you need the following:

Router ( cisco of course)

Console cable or rollover cable

PC or laptop with Terminal emulation software installed. I use Hilgreaves hyperterminal



console cable






Setting up a terminal connection to the console port of a cisco router or switch.


  1. Connect the console cable to the pc or laptop via the RS232 serial cable. Connect the other end of the cable to the console back at the back of the switch

console port connecton







2. Download and install a terminal emulation software (hilgreaves hyper terminal – or putty- or use the windows-based terminal software. Launch the software


hyper terminal new connection







3. Choose a name for the ‘New Connection’


hyper terminal name







4.  Click ok to confirm. Click configure on the next window.


hyper terminal connect to







5.  Enter the following settings or click ‘Restore Defaults’.


hyper terminal settings








6.  Click OK to exit the configure window and press enter once or twice till you see the terminal connection to the console active.


hyper terminal - console









UTP cables.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) worked together to provide the TIA/EIA cable specifications for LANs. Two of the most common TIA/EIA cable specifications include the 568-A and 568-B standards. Both of these standards typically use the same Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable, but with a different termination color code.

utp standards T568 A and B








rj45 plug for round cable





ethcable_cross and straight










There are three different types of twisted pair cables that are used in networks:

Straight-through – Connects dissimilar devices, such as a switch and a computer, or a switch and a router.

patch utp straight T568B         patch utp straight T568A










Crossover – Connects similar devices, such as two switches or two computers.

patch utp cross T568B










Console (or Rollover) – Connects a computer to the console port of a router or switch to do initial configuration.

rollover cable.










Serial cable

Another cable type that is common in networks is a serial cable. A serial cable is typically used to connect the router to an Internet connection. This Internet connection may be to the phone company, the cable company, or a private ISP.


serial cable types









wic 2t cable                                                           wic 1t cable

















WIC- 2T Serial Interface Card.


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